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Summer Time Fishing!

Summer is just around the corner and if this spring is any indication as to what the fishing will be like then we are in store for an outstanding fish filled summer. Snook fishing has been steady especially if I can get plenty of white bait. Redfish are cruising the grass flats and mangrove shorelines. […]

Spring Time Fishing Report

Spring time is a wonderful time of year here in Florida and one of my favorite times to fish. Cool mornings that warm up to comfortable high temps in the low 80s. Bright blue bird skies and clear water still makes for incredible sight fishing opportunities. The only thing bad I have to say about […]

Winter Fishing at it’s Finest!

This winter has been nothing but spectacular. When the water temperatures drop, the water in the bay becomes crystal clear, and the opportunities for sight fishing are at its best. Combine the negative low tides and the clear water and you have some amazing chances to sight fish redfish and big trout. Redfish on low […]

Fish Falling in the Boat

This summer was spectacular and the fall has been nothing short of amazing. The redfish this time of year are entering their spawning time and the fish are starting to really school up. The other day we ran into a massive school of fish and ended up landing close to 40 redfish. Just this past […]

Fishing Report for August 2020

This past month has been a wild one. I went from having one of the best months for charters and fishing in July to a very slow August. I know we are getting into the slow season, but that doesn’t mean the fishing is slow by any means. The live bait continues to be plentiful […]

Tarpon time in the Bay

I love this time of year beside the fact that is unbelievably hot out. Tarpon have been pushing down the coast starting in late April and by may in full swing. It takes some time for these fish to travel up the bay and make their way on to some of the flats and in […]

Summer Fun!

These past few weeks have been spectacular and its only getting better. Recently I have been focusing on my live bait game. Netting white bait and chumming the flats with excellent results. Lots of redfish and countless snook. Some days have been double digit redfish and countless snook with a few big trout mixed in. […]

1st Place in Power-Pole Redfish Tour Tournament

Saturday the 21st was a first for many things. It was the first tournament I have fished here in Tampa. It was also a well known tournament that brought out some big names in the redfish tournament world. Capt. Todd Young of Reel Memories Charters asked me to fish this strictly artificial tournament with him. […]

Redfish fishing at its best!

The month of February has been spectacular. Every time I have gone out fishing being it a charter or just scounting has been fantastic. All the flats are covered with redfish and they seem to want to eat everything in their paths. One moring we caught 15 redfish using 6 different types of lures. Another […]

Winter time fishing is “Red Hot”

The last few time out have been excellent for redfish. However some days the fish are chewing the other days it takes every trick in the book to get them to eat. The last three times out I have seen close to a 100 redfish each trip, however only a half dozen are coming to […]