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Hill Tide 22

Blurring the line between a flats boat and a bay boat, the Hill Tide 22 is a low sided, fast tournament style crossover with all of the amenities necessary for the inshore angler. Her low profile makes it easy to land fish while the large spray rails keep occupants dry. 

The wide 8’7″ beam results in more square footage than most 24′ boats and also makes her one of the shallowest drafting v-hull bay boats on the market. Built for versatility, this boat is designed to excel in skinny water (both fresh and salt) and is capable of getting on plane in 16″ of depth. In its stock configuration, the Hill Tide 22 has large fore and aft decks for fishing, two bait wells, two forward rod lockers, loads of storage and your choice of outboard power. 

She’s super strong, being designed  and constructed from carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass laminated with epoxy vinyl ester resin.

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