Tampa Inshore Fishing Charters

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Tampa Bay Inshore?

Tampa Bay is a year-round inshore fishery. Captain Bucky is your local go-to pro for fishing the area. See our real-time availability and reserve your charter today!


Tampa Bay is such an amazing estuary with miles and miles of beautiful Mangrove shorelines and pristine grass flats. Home to countless species of fish as well as the wonderful wildlife there is always something to see or catch. On a typical inshore charter, we will be targeting Snook, Redfish, and Spotted Sea Trout using either live bait or artificial lures. No fishing licenses are required as you are covered under the Captain’s license.

Live Bait Trips: Live bait trips are a very versatile way of fishing and a great way to maximize the amounts of fish you are going to catch. These trips are great for anglers of all ages and skill levels. Capt. Bucky will typically head out and net bait early and then meet clients at the boat ramp ready to go. Hop aboard and after a short drive and you’ll be catching fish within minutes. Whether you are looking for some family fun, hanging with your friends, or wanting to entertain your clients, these fishing trips are ideal!

Artificial Only Trips: Geared towards the serious angler who are proficient casters. These trips will truly test your skills as a fisherman. Whether it is a spinning reel, bait caster, or a Fly rod; Capt. Bucky will put you in the best position to maximize your chances of hooking a fish. One to three anglers are recommended for these types of trips. You’ll be ahead of the crowd as you head out at first light to maximize your time on the water! The wise captain will typically have a backup plan of cut bait just in case the fish are being too wary of artificial. Bringing your own setup is more than welcome, especially when it comes to Fly rods!

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