The Best Spots For Redfish In Tampa

The Best Spots For Redfish In Tampa

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Are you looking to catch redfish in Tampa? Read on for the inside scoop on where to find reds in Tampa.

Redfish can be found in many different places around Tampa, but a few spots are better than the rest. Below, we’ll provide tips on locating redfish so you can make the most of your time on the water.

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One of the best places to look for redfish is around docks. Docks provide cover for fish and also attract baitfish, making them a great place to set up shop. Redfish will typically hang around the edges of docks or tucked back under shade, so accurate casts are crucial to your success. If you’re not getting bites, try moving around to different docks until you find where the fish are hiding. Certain docks seem to hold fish for more than others, so working your way through as many docks as possible is key to locating the best ones.

Another excellent spot for redfish is in mangroves. Mangroves are trees that grow in saltwater and provide shelter for fish from the sun and predators while serving as ideal ambush points for fish waiting for prey. Redfish will often be found near the roots of mangroves, so be prepared for a fight after you’ve hooked up.

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Redfish can also often be found in bays. Shallow coastal bays can pay big dividends for anglers during the spawn. These protected areas provide a warmer environment than the surrounding waters. This stable environment helps fish eggs develop, making it an attractive habitat for large females and their male partners during certain times of the year.

Oyster bars are among the most productive habitats in the estuary for several reasons. First, concentrations of shell offer a variety of nooks and crannies that provide cover and refuge for redfish. Also, shell bars are often located in high tidal flow areas, so there is a constant supply of clean water and nutrients that attract baitfish. This regular flow of food into the area means that oyster bars can support large populations of fish, including redfish, who like to lie in wait there for prey.

A picture of The Best Spots For Redfish In Tampa with Bag´Em Fishing Charters

Finally, don’t forget to check out areas with lots of vegetation. Vegetation serves as a backdrop for a healthy ecosystem boosted by higher oxygen levels and more sea life than other areas of the ocean. Redfish love grass flats because they serve as excellent sources of food. These areas are some of the best places to hunker down in search of congregations of reds as they cruise around in search of a meal.

Get On The Water

If you’re fishing for redfish in Tampa, start your fishing journey by working through some of the hotspots mentioned above. By focusing your efforts on the right areas, you’ll bring redfish to the boat in no time. Good luck and tight lines!

Tampa Bay is home to some of the best overall inshore fishing in the country, and Bag’em Fishing Charters is here to help you get on the fish! We offer half-day and full-day trips targeting redfish all year round, as well as snook, seatrout, and others. Our captain has years of experience fishing these waters and knows where to put you on the fish. So come join us for a fun day on the water – book online today!

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